About Us

Village Bungalow is a fun home & lifestyle boutique! We specialize in sourcing lots of plant babies from local greenhouses, plus tons of fun & funky finds from U.S. makers and other awesome companies! We've got lots of good vibes flowing, sweet bungy babes working, good tunes and so much more!

We're located in beautiful Warwick, NY at 21 Main Street. Check out our story below. Thanks for visiting us online!

Please note, the products available in our online store are just a sampling of what we have to offer and will change often due to availability! For our full inventory, please visit us in store! 


One fate-filled autumn weekend in 1947, my young newlywed grandparents
wandered far north from their immigrant roots of Hoboken, NJ to a tiny
lake community in northern NJ on the border of Warwick, NY. Upon
immediately falling deep in love with the quaint bungalow town, Grandpa
jokingly offered a builder a hundred dollar bill as a down payment on the
purchase of his almost-finished tiny project. As part of the agreement,
though, the builder would have to allow the young couple to spend the
night in his humble dwelling in return for a hand-shake of a Contract of
Sale. 70 years after that cold and uncomfortable, breezy
October night (no windows had been installed at this point) that bungalow
remains the cornerstone of our families history through 4 generations! As
friends and family would travel to visit and drink in the beauty of the
mountaintop, my Grandpa would always welcome them with a proud and hearty
"Welcome to our bungalow"! The memories and experiences of a lifetime
blend into one beautiful tale of love and laughter, with hearts so
grateful for the spontaneity of that young couple. The red log bungalow
remained as built for over 50 years, serving as my first home when my
Grandpa deeded it to my mom on her wedding day over 30 years ago. My
childhood "Home on the Mountain" will forever be dear to my heart and its
memory so cherished by our family. It is with great pride and honor that I
share the joyful opening of my own (village) bungalow under the watchful and
loving eye of my Nana! Welcome, everyone, to Village

​-Amy & Tom Fritzky (& bungy baby Stella), Owners

​With 15+ years of experience in retail through my family's 'Highland Flowers & Gifts' in Vernon, NJ and our 'Home on the Mountain' in Highland Lakes, NJ (re-branded as 'Village Bungalow'), I've hand-picked every item in Village Bungalow, having been deeply inspired by my roots. I hope you enjoy my little store, and when you visit, I hope you experience the same sense of love, spontaneity & adventure that Nana & Grandpa always possessed, for this is the true motivation behind Village Bungalow. Tom, baby Stella and I are so honored to be part of the Warwick community. We love living and working in this sweet lil' town! We just celebrated a business anniversary (May 2023)… thank you for SIX years & counting, Warwick! We love you!